Please note there is no warranty on any items in our CLEARANCE AUCTION. All skids must be removed by the pickup deadline. Any skids left behind are each subject to a $20 per day storage fee. There is no option to restock any items in this auction. Our warehouse staff cannot help you load your vehicle, please bring appropriate help. Please read condition notes carefully; this is not the same as our previous pallet auction.


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Bidders are responsible for conducting their own product research.

Item condition: As-is (salvage)
Package condition: Pallet
Condition notes: **GENERIC DESCRIPTION** This skid is part of our CLEARANCE program and are being sold as SALVAGE. We chose to liquidate all these items in large bulk since we focus more on our high value new open box or our brand new merchandise. These items were deemed too cheap or used, had missing pieces, defective or we were unable to test. Most have been previously opened then returned to a major retailer for an unknown reason by a customer. Some retail packages might be perfect but most will be distressed from shipping. We are liquidating these products as SALVAGE customer returns and they are being sold AS-IS (No Refunds or Partial Refunds). If you chose to bid on this skid you accept all items with their faults. Each skid in this auction will have different degrees of recovery (re-sell value). By bidding on this skid, you acknowledge that most of the items will have to be resold as used or checked/inspected by you. There is NO guarantee the correct item/model is inside the packaging. Some skids will have nicer items than others, some might contain a lot more items than others, some will be higher in value than others. You can preview these skids by coming in and asking the cashier to have a manager escort you to the preview area.
Pick-up deadline: Saturday January 25th at 5:00 pm
No warranty on clearance items
No exceptions
We offer item preview Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10am to 5pm.