Warranty and Returns

What is your return policy?

We do not have a return policy as we do not accept returns. We are not a store, we are an auction company. Items can only be returned if they fall under our warranty policy and a return authorization form has been filled out and approved by our staff. All sales are final once items have been sold. Warranty is void if you remove items from their packages to load in your vehicle and transport them. Please throughly check over any items you remove from packaging during pick-up at our facility.

What is your warranty policy for refunds?

What we offer is a full money back warranty policy on all items won at our auction that has not been listed "as-is" or in our clearance auctions. Unlike most auction houses where items are all sold AS-IS, we at King of the North believe in the protection of our buyers and the quality of items we sell to our valued members. We want all our members bidding on our items with confidence and peace of mind.

All auctions will have a warranty deadline date stated on the auction catalogue and on the item page of each listing. This warranty deadline date is when returns must be brought back (pending approval by staff) in its original packaging and condition it was sold in to be granted a full refund.

We will not entertain or accommodate any returns after the warranty date has passed. There are NO exceptions to this regardless of your excuse or reason. We offer a very generous amount of time for our users to inspect/test their items after each auction and it is your responsibility to use this time.

If a rare scenario arises where an item you have won on our auction has a manufacturer defect, was misrepresented in the listing (we stated it as a different item or condition) or the item was factory sealed but damaged or incomplete and was not indicated in the listing then we will exchange the item (if available) or offer a full refund if no replacement is available and the return has been approved by our staff.

As a liquidation company, we do not accept returns for minor/easy to remedy issues such as missing basic hardware (generic screws, nuts, dowels, etc.) or paperwork such as manuals even if not stated missing on the listing.

All returns must:

  1. Include the original packaging the item was sold in. We will not accept returns if you do not bring the item back in its original packaging.
  2. Have a completely filled out return authorization form. This is to ensure we know why the item is being returned.
  3. Be completed before the warranty deadline date.
  4. Be approved by a manager.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, but our staff are human and try hard to inspect/test all items with limited product knowledge to the best of their ability. We deal with over 10,000 items a month arriving in our warehouse and because of this some items might slip through our inspection process. We our very proud of our return rate that sits just under 1%. This indicates just how accurate we are in our inspection. If we happen to miss something during our inspection process, don't stress just call or send us a message and we will make it right for you. Your first step will be completing the return authorization form for the item and bringing the item back upon approval before the warranty deadline date.

We recommend messaging in on our internal messaging platform for any assistance with returns as phone calls are often missed in the warehouse during our hectic pick up weeks. This will leave a paper trail to protect both parties from any miscommunication.

Does manufacturer warranty apply to items on auction?

We are not authorized sellers of any of the items we receive in our shipments as we are not a big chain retail store getting these items straight from the manufacturer. We are a liquidation/auction company and you are aware of this when you registered to become a member on our website.

However, it simply depends on each manufacturer and their policies. All manufacturers are different on how they choose to stand behind their product. Most will honour their warranty if you have a proof of purchase (any invoice). Some manufacturers only care if the serial numbers are valid or if you have a warranty sheet that comes with the item. Other manufacturers will only honour their warranty if the item was purchased from an authorized seller (such as a store that specializes in those items). It is not our responsibility to provide you the answers for all these manufacturers. If you are a consumer that is picky about manufacturer warranties, then we encourage you to do your research by calling the manufacturers for the items you are interested in.