How to Bid

How does bidding work?

You effectively have two options when placing a bid. By default, our site fills in the bidding field with the next minimum bid increment – allowing you to quickly place the next available bid amount. Your other option is to click the bidding field and place a bid amount of your choosing - as long as the number you entered follows our bidding rules (see below), your bid will be placed.

What are your bidding rules?

One of the biggest differences between us and other online auction companies is that we do not have a proxy bidding system in place. This means whatever amount you bid, that becomes your immediate offer. For example, if an item is currently at a $10 bid and you place a bid for $50 – that item will now be at a $50 bid. No more wasting time trying to guess what the max bid is!

Another thing to note is that our auctions can have different minimum bid increments. For example, our High-Value auctions have a $5 minimum bid increment, while our Overstock auctions have a $1 minimum bid increment. Keep in mind that we also enforce all bid amounts to be placed as a multiple of this bid increment. For example, in our High-Value auction you must place a bid that is a multiple of 5, so you cannot bid an amount such as $47, you must bid either $45 or $50. Any time you try to place a bid that is invalid, you will be prompted and be shown the two closest bids to the amount you wish to enter.

Can I remove my bids?

Unfortunately we do not remove bids from items unless you are the only bidder on the item. If there is a back-bidder on an item the most we can do is lower your bid to the minimum amount above the back-bidder. This is done because it is unfair for a back-bidder to suddenly be winning an item they were previously outbid on.

There will be absolutely no bid alterations on auction day. If you placed a bid accidentally any day prior to the day of the auction, please contact us.

How do I know if I have the winning bid on an item?

We use a real-time colour code system, so you can easily tell the status of any item without the need to refresh your browser page. Our item thumbnails will change colour according to its status as follows:

GREEN = You are currently winning the item with the highest bid

RED = You have been outbid and currently are not winning the item and must bid again or surrender (you may click the ignore button to remove the item from your watch list)

YELLOW = You have chosen to add this item to your watch list. This means you are interested in the item and can easily see its current bid and information from your Watched Listings page.

When do items close?

As our staff list items on the website, you can freely bid but please note that the exact end times of our items are not disclosed until the auction date. Our end times are staggered every two minutes based on the number of items we have listed, so our system does not designate an exact end time until we are finished listing for that auction - which can be right up to the auction date itself. As soon as it's 12:01am on auction day, you will see a countdown for the exact time each item will end - the only exception being extended by a soft close (explained below).

What is a "soft close"?

We enforce an anti-sniping policy for our online auctions. This allows for fair bids for everyone regardless of internet speed and gives you additional time to win an item. Any bid that is placed within the last two minutes of a listing's end time, the end time will reset to two minutes. For example, if an item you're interested in has 27 seconds left and you place a bid - the remaining time resets to two minutes. This will continue on until no more bids are being placed and the remaining time expires.

The auction has ended. What's next?

You can visit your Account Dashboard to see if you won any items. Please take note of the pick-up schedule for any items you have won. You are responsible for picking up your order by the deadline otherwise you risk forfeiting any won items and an account suspension that can only be restored by paying a 15% restocking fee on the order (you still cannot claim any forfeit items).

Are there any reserves on items?

No, there are no reserves or minimum sale amount.