King of the North Auction Sponsorship Program

At King of the North Auction, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of youth sports within our community. Our sponsorship program is designed to contribute to the enrichment of local youth sports teams and leagues, fostering a spirit of community and athletic excellence.

Application for Sponsorship:

Organizations interested in applying for sponsorship are requested to submit the following:

  • A formal letter on your organization’s letterhead outlining your team or league’s objectives, needs, and how a sponsorship from King of the North Auction can make a difference.
  • Detailed information about your sponsorship program, including the number of participants, age groups served, and any specific requirements or expectations.

Please send your complete application package to [email protected].

Selection Process Update:

As of the latest update, we have received over 140 inquiries regarding sponsorship. While we are enthusiastic about the possibility of supporting each of these teams, we must select those whose programs closely align with our sponsorship criteria. We are currently reviewing all applications and will be making our decisions shortly.

Due to the unprecedented interest and the essential role of sports in our community’s fabric, we are considering an increase to our sponsorship budget to accommodate more teams and leagues.

Next Steps:

All applicants will receive due consideration, and teams selected for sponsorship will be contacted directly via email or phone. We appreciate your patience during this selection process and are excited about the potential to support your team.