AUCTION DAY: Please ensure your devices are set to EST Time (Eastern Standard Time) This will ensure you are seeing the correct end times during the countdown. If you are a NEW member please view our "How to Bid page" HOURS OF OPERATION: We are CLOSED on all Sundays (Including auction Sunday) and Mondays. There is NO customer service during these days. Our business hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5pm. Calls, emails and site messages will be replied to in the order they are received

August 2nd Auction: Payment for orders MUST be made by Saturday August 8th (NO exceptions) If payment is not made by this deadline our system automatically suspends those accounts and re-lists defaulted invoices.Please make sure to send e-transfers to "[email protected]". If paying be E-transfer please do NOT pay for more than 1 order per transfer if picking up for multiple people. Please include your username or member ID# in the transfer.


We have had to make temporary changes to our pickup procedure to maintain safe operation under the Ontario Government's e-commerce mandates during the COVID-19 crisis.

Until this situation is under control, we are suspending all item previews - customers will no longer be permitted freely in our building. All auctions will have mandatory “curb-side pickup” (where you remain outside our building or in your vehicle) with the following procedures:

  1. All orders MUST still be fully paid by 5pm on the Saturday following the auction. We encourage everyone to pay via e-transfer ([email protected]) if possible. Cash or credit payments can still be made to our cashier, but we will limit this to one customer in the building at a time.
  2. We are allowing three weeks of pick-up for orders that have been paid online via e-transfer with the exception of Clearance auction items (these MUST be picked up the first week). The three week pick-up will allow you to participate in two auctions, but only leave your house once to pick up for both auctions. Due to the higher volume of items on our April 12th auction, there will be a four week pick-up window with a deadline of 5pm on May 9th.
  3. The parking lot ground is marked with 6ft spacings for any lines that form outside the building. When you are next in line, please let the cashier know whether you paid online or if you need to pay by debit/credit or cash. The cashier will ask you to verify some account details to confirm your identity then you will be given a pager or number card which will be called when your order is ready. If you are at our facility and you paid online, we strongly recommend you give us a call so you can stay in your vehicle, avoid the line and we'll get your order ready ASAP. Orders will be brought to your vehicle if requested, or left outside our warehouse for you to collect once picked.
  4. While we ride out this current situation, we will continue to host bi-weekly auctions, but with extended pick up times. Due to our two week hiatus we have a higher volume of items, so our April 12th auction times have been extended. Our Overstock auction will start at 2pm and end at 7pm, the High Value auction will continue from 7pm to 11pm, and the Clearance auction will run from 11pm to 11:30pm. After the April 12th auction, our normal 4-11pm auction times will resume.
  5. Due to the extended pick-up window, all warranties will be granted 14 days from the day you pick up your items (which will be the date printed on your invoice). There are no exceptions past these 14 days. There is still no warranty on AS-IS items, or any clearance auction items.

These are uncharted times for everyone, and we would appreciate your patience and understanding with our new process which will likely affect wait times.